Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day and the Biggest F***ing Safe Ever.

So my wife asked what I wanted for Valentine's Day.  I said a gun safe the size of a master bathroom.  She wanted another wedding band to match hers so the colossal rock (that was supposed to be a 2005 Fat Boy at the time) is surrounded.  I agreed to her demands and went to buy a safe.  After all, it's a write-off anyways.  I was going to buy it regardless but it's always a good idea to have my self-appointed business manager on my side.

Enter the Griffin 56, bolted into 3 feet of concrete.  2100 pounds of empty bank vault.  I can stand up inside it of it.

Now, to go about filling it up...


  1. Nice!!! That's a great investment. Good choice on going big too. Knowing you, it'll still be too small eventually but at least it's not starting off that way. Plus, you can use the door of it at your next house for a walk in/built in to the house Arms Room.

  2. Ya gotta have some room to grow, or you're trying to sell a safe with low miles but hard to move at a loss to go bigger, or you end up with a room full of safes...not that it would be considered a bad thing...