Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Hotel Room

I forgot I had some entertaining pics of out suite in VA from heading to USTC a few weeks ago.  Thank God housekeeping didn't bust in anyways and we kept the sign out.  After the downpour on Day 1 we had to hang our stuff in front of a vent, all the guns spilled out everywhere, and the ironing board turned into an impromptu loading table/benchrest for boresighting.  Win!

Off the top of my head we had a Colt, HK416, LMT MRP, 2 LWRC rifles, 7 Glocks, 1 STI, 3 sets of Gen III NVGs, 3 IR lasers, about 5000 rounds of 5.56, 2000 rounds of 9mm and 100 rounds of .40SW.


  1. Not the room to break into.

  2. Having the cart is choice; I think most people overlook it's utility. Also well chosen are the healthy snacks, along with the lithium grease and gunsmithing hammer. Pay attention; this is how the experienced traveler and trained shooter does it! Great pics, brother.