Saturday, April 17, 2010

Envirnomentalist shirts

Are in stock.  100% of the proceeds of this shirt will go into parts for a Harley Davidson, guns and ammo, and very large V8 SUV and pickup trucks that rarely hold more than one occupant.

Screw hippies.


Monday, April 12, 2010

BCM 03 MSF Chest Rig

I have been running a BCM Chest Rig for a couple of months.  All signs point to it being a winner, and I am really impressed with it's design and quality.

In early 2003 I rode into Iraq loaded to the gills with 16 M4 mags, 6 M9 mags, 4 frags, an M203 with 16 rounds, a big-ass knife, 2 canteens, NVGs, IFAK, MBITR and God knows what else that I can't remember.  I was young and strong then.  As I have become older and wiser my kit has slimmed own considerably to 4 M4 mags (2 on the vest, 2 on the gun), a Glock and a spare mag (maybe), an MBITR, and a tourniquet.

Th rig you use to carry your it a conex-full like in 2003 or a pocketful in crucial to your efficiency.  The BCM rig is a great one for the well-prepared user.  It carries 4 mags integrally, has a removable bladder pocket for hydration, has MOLLE webbing for an IFAK or pistol mags, and has split front so it's easy to put on.  It's made of lightweight 500D nylon.  Everything you need, nothing you don't.

The great thing about it is it's grab-and-go setup.  Let's say you are a cop called to the scene of an active shooter, in a mall, a school, a large industrial complex, etc.  You may be working off of your body for a long period without resupply or assistance.  With this setup you are guaranteed 120 rounds of carbine ammo in addition to what is carried on/in your weapon as well as a hydration system.  It can be put on without sacrificing movement or visibility the same way you put on a jacket, and rides very securely in the event you need to run.  Another often overlooked feature is it's thickness-it will allow to you maintain an extremely low profile if you are in a prone position.  In addition, this feature allows it to be worn under a winter shell or fleece with minimum bulk.

This rig was designed by noted shooter,  Law Enforcement professional, and former Marine Jeff Carpenter at 03 Design Group and is sold by Bravo Company Manufacturing.  I recommend anyone in the market for a low-profile chest harness take a look at it.  **Pics to follow shortly**

03 Design Group

Bravo Company USA

Sunday, April 11, 2010

STI 1911 with an interesting heritage

Yesterday I stopped by the gun shop to get a new holster for a J-Frame.  As is customary, I left with a new gun instead.

I saw a railed 1911 that really caught my eye.  It was an STI Duty One that had been customized.  All my criteria for a good solid shooter were met:

- 5" barrel with GI bushing and guide rod
- Steel frame with integral light rail
- Dovetail front sight.  Stake-in sights are garbage.
- Novak rear sight cut for maximum compatibility with a large number of sights

This gun had the above mentioned barrel configuration,  FDE cerakote, flush-cut barrel crown, cut at 11 degrees with a mirrored polish, lanyard loop, and had been dehorned and lined up on all edges.  None of these are option from STI.  Nice.

Seeing as how a new one is $1300 and it had about $1100 of work or more, I figured the asking price of  was a fair deal.  My local shop (Ed's Guns in Vass, NC), always has great prices on used guns.  Actually, I have never seen a used gun in there I would consider overpriced. 

After doing some research, I found out this pistol was built by Superior Arms LLC in Kentucky and presented to the winners of the 2009 International Sniper Competition.  Some of you may have seen this on the Discovery Channel (shown as Top Sniper).  The pistol was one of two presented to a team of Army Special Operations Snipers.  I guess Ed had something he wanted more (that happens), because it wound up on the shelves that Saturday morning.  Lucky me.  It goes nice with my STI Tactical .40 SOF Test Pistol in the historical collection.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Scout mounts, etc.

Thanks for the overwhelming response on the latest runs of mounts.  Currently, everything is back in stock to include the Low-Pro Scout Mount.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beware: ADCO

My partner recently sent and upper to ADCO for some work.  Unfortunately, the low level of workmanship and totally unbelievable handling of his concerns when he contacted them about it has led me to believe they no longer offer the quality they were previously reputed for.

He sent a simple Colt M4 upper to them, the task was to put a DD 12.0 FSP rail and perm attach a BCM extended A2 flash hider.  Where he messed up was not sending it to me since I have the tooling to do that in my garage...lesson learned.

ADCO had the upper an inordinate amount of time...but that's the norm for gun work these days.  When it finally returned, the front sight block was canted 20 degrees.  Well, lets see.  Send it back to them for another unspecified amount of time or send it to a reputable gunsmith (JoJos in CT) and pay up for known perfection.  When they disassembled the upper to rectify the issues, it was found out that the following issues occured:

1.  The flash hider was fixed with a pin...THAT WENT ALL THE WAY INTO THE GROOVES OF THE BARREL.  Yeah, a pin into the barrel.  That's safe.

2.  The barrel nut had been tightened down with so much torque it cracked the receiver.  A really expensive Colt M4 receiver.

3.  The barrel was marred as though it was held in a bare vise

4.  The front sight block, as described above.

ADCO, of course, blamed JoJo's, who called the issues to the attention of Duke.

You tell me, can they work a machine or not?  I call bullshit.  ADCO is refusing to make it right even though he is out about $1,000 due to the inattention/inexperience of the employee who did the work.  This is doubly frustrating for me as in the past I have recommended ADCO to people and feel I have steered them wrong.  No longer, I wouldn't let them put a cotter pin in my bolt carrier anymore.

Shame on you, ADCO.  Shame on you.  Looks like you have been taking business lessons from LWRC.