Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Handstop

One of my projects is ready to be released into the wild finally.  We have been working on the Low-Pro Handstop for a while but in my absence lately it's taken a couple months to get it refined and out to the masses.  I wish it was cheaper, but all the 3D machining drove the cost a little higher than anticipated.  This item is pretty special to me because it was designed and built for my personal use but it turned out so well we made more.  I am pretty excited about it to say the least.

I have used two handstops in the past (KAC and Gear Sector), as well as a one day trial of the AFG from Magpul.  They all worked pretty well and were very high quality pieces, but there were a couple issues I wished I could tweak with each one.  I felt the KAC one had too shallow of a curvature on the face.  The Gear Sector version mated up well to rail panels and was small and light but the actual "stop" portion was too short for me.  With both of them if I pulled hard enough my hand would slide over them.  I think when you pull back against the stop it needs to be long enough to engage bone, not just the meaty part of your palm.  The AFG was just huge, and I couldn't get behind it due to compatibility issues with my light and laser.

I got an idea when Josh at Grey Group bought a 7.5" upper and it came with an Ergo handstop.  It was huge and hooked towards the front.  But man, did it give you some grip.  I wanted something with less of a footprint as well, taking up less rail space.

So, we made a tiny handstop that curved towards the front.  No slippage, minimum footprint, the usual aluminum construction and anodized finish.  It's very well dehorned and can be run reversed if the curvature is not to your liking.  Enjoy.

Now in stock at and  We should have some more dealers on-line as soon as time allows as well.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

D-Day Remembered

On this day in 1944, Allied Forces stormed the beaches of France to retake Fortress Europe from Hitler's Third Reich.  Rarely in current conflicts have troops faced such a daunting task as climbing the cliffs at Point Du Hoc to knock out artillery which could spell defeat for your guys down on beach, or running over open beach at a MG bunker spitting MG fire at your landing craft.  All of this after three or four years away from home.

Whenever you feel like life is hard, think back to those guys and realize we have it pretty easy.