Sunday, February 28, 2010

Low-Pro Scout mount

A few years ago Larue Tactical made an offset Scout light mount.  There are tens of thousands of Surefire Scout's in service but oddly, only Larue makes a replacement mount for the thumb screw and it's no offset from the rail any longer.

For a while, guys wishing to bolt them onto HK416s at an offset angle have been screwing them to the handguard.  Works like a champ, but positioning and battery changes become an issue then.  Not anymore.  We have modified the E-Series design to accept the Scout light, both the 3V and 6V versions. Seen here on the 10" 416 and KAC SR15 E3.




Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Hotel Room

I forgot I had some entertaining pics of out suite in VA from heading to USTC a few weeks ago.  Thank God housekeeping didn't bust in anyways and we kept the sign out.  After the downpour on Day 1 we had to hang our stuff in front of a vent, all the guns spilled out everywhere, and the ironing board turned into an impromptu loading table/benchrest for boresighting.  Win!

Off the top of my head we had a Colt, HK416, LMT MRP, 2 LWRC rifles, 7 Glocks, 1 STI, 3 sets of Gen III NVGs, 3 IR lasers, about 5000 rounds of 5.56, 2000 rounds of 9mm and 100 rounds of .40SW.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cold Weather isn't too bad...

When you dress for it.  For about 5 years of my life as an Infantryman and SFQC student I had no choice but to wear the same crap I wore in 100 degrees when it was below freezing.  Once I got somewhere where I could invoke common sense as opposed to uniformity, my life got a lot more bearable in cold weather.  Thanks to Grey Group's well stocked showroom I am better prepared than ever this winter.

The best thing going for rugged outdoor clothing is the  Arcteryx in my opinion.  Yes, it can be expensive.  I get it, $500 for a jacket is insane.  Or is it?  When we were standing in a 32.1 degree deluge at Blackwater/USTC last week it was the bargain of a lifetime.  Combined with a puffy jacket as an insulator, I was perfectly dry and comfortable.  Compared to the guys rocking sweatshirts, my performance didn't waiver nearly as much.  Imagine if we were on the side of a mountain in Afghanistan.  The consequences are far greater than a few thrown pistol shots.

Currently all my clothing needs for serious use are met by a few companies.  For work pants, I recommend Mountain Khakis.  I despise the PMC Tuxedo that is 5.11.  Nothing says GUN like a vest made to cover a gun.  Everyone knows you are not a photographer guy.  You don't have a camera.  Wear a shirt from North Face or Patagonia.  It does the same thing.  Leave off the pants that look like a Khaki assault vest for your legs.  Carry less stuff.

For outerwear I like the Arcteryx Atom jackets and The Alpha LT jacket.  The Alpha LT jacket is velcro-free on the sleeves and it's super-lightweight as opposed to the standard Alpha.   It packs small but the Gore-Tex Pro Shell sheds rain like it's going out of style while breathing during active situations.  The Atom is by far my favorite jacket.  It's an insulating layer with a little bit of weather resistance as well.  For many years the Mountain Hardwear Chugach was my go-to and I was not seeking a new one.  When I felt how light the Arcteryx was, I rethought that.  It packs small, is super warm, and has ventilating polar stretch panels in key areas (under arms and sides).  I liked it so much I bought two so I am not without one during washings.

When the conditions turn a little more severe, soft shell Guide Pants from Patagonia are what I use.  They are perfect for cold weather where you are active, and are also fast drying and durable.  They stretch as well, making the great for situation where you need to ascend/descend and have an integrated gaiter on the cuff to seal your boots.

When you must stay dry on the legs, go with the Alpha pant from Arcteryx.  They are a full-featured Mountaineering pant geared for military users.  Buy once, cry once.  They aren't cheap.

Base layers are crucial.  Arcteryx Rho and Patagonia Capilene lead the pack here.  Many people make suitable base layers however, and can be found pretty reasonably on the internet.  I like Ibex, Icebreakers, Smartwool, and The North Face as well.  Wool is a good option as it stay warm when wet and doesn't hold odors like some synthetics.

Socks...SMARTWOOL.  Don't skimp here.  Put them under waterproof footwear (I like La Sportiva and Salomon) and defy the elements.

Gloves and a hat from Outdoor Research will round out the winter wardrobe and keep you toasty when the weather takes a dive.

Visit to get hooked up with what you need, they sell Arcteryx, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, Kuhl, Smartwool, Keen, Salomon, 5.10, and many others.

Valentine's Day and the Biggest F***ing Safe Ever.

So my wife asked what I wanted for Valentine's Day.  I said a gun safe the size of a master bathroom.  She wanted another wedding band to match hers so the colossal rock (that was supposed to be a 2005 Fat Boy at the time) is surrounded.  I agreed to her demands and went to buy a safe.  After all, it's a write-off anyways.  I was going to buy it regardless but it's always a good idea to have my self-appointed business manager on my side.

Enter the Griffin 56, bolted into 3 feet of concrete.  2100 pounds of empty bank vault.  I can stand up inside it of it.

Now, to go about filling it up...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Low-Pro flashlight mount

The 1" flashlight mounts are up on the retail site ready for immediate shipment.

Danger Close web store

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Danger Close firearms parts

In partnership with AMS Machine of West End, NC, we are proud to announce a full line of readily available firearms accessories for the AR-15 pattern rifle, Krinkov, AK series rifles, and Saiga shotguns among others.  More details will follow over the next few days as products are available for purchase.

Monday, February 8, 2010

USTC Larry Vickers/Ken Hackathorn 3-Day Pistol/Carbine

Just back from USTC:  I have not been there since 2005 and boy, has it changed.  Disney World for guys like me comes to mind.  World-class facilities does not even begin to describe it.

Day 1 was cold, and storming in the afternoon.  Fortunately my relay did carbine in the morning so at least we didn't have to lay down in the rain.  Ken's back was giving him fits but he was hard as nails, never even letting on that it was raining.  Larry showed us some great carbine shooting techniques for low-light that were shockingly effective.  I learned something new...

Day 2 was close-range shooting, with snow all day.  On the coast it turned to corn-frost very quickly and every staitonary object on the OBX had sideways icicles from the winds.  COLD. 

Day 3 was sunny and around 40 degrees...a welcome change.  We shot carbine drills combined and one relay with Larry and Ken and then went back to the classroom for a history lesson on the M4 and choosing a combat handgun.

I shot an HK416 that was boringly reliable and accurate.  Geissele trigger, LMT stock, KAC sights, and a Surefire Scout so I was pretty much guaranteed a problem free run with my rifle, shooting 75GR TAP.

My short gun was a Gen 4 Glock 22 out for it's first paces.  Again, boringly reliable with a light, accurate, and shoots softer than the Gen 3 guns due to the recoil spring.  I use a (-) trigger with a polish job and Dawson PI sights.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Danger Close weapons accessories

What if I told you I had an aluminum offset Surefire mount that was $10 more than a VTAC but just as low profile?

What if I told you I had a MRDS mount that protects the sight from impacts, is compatible with Trijicon, Docter, Insight, JP, and Burris MRDS sights...all on the same mount.  It sits low but has a mounting plate for co-witness on an AR if desired?

What aboout a 45-degree offset 1913 rail that will allow a T1 to clear a 50MM on long guns?

A super lightweight 1913 riser for the stock Aimpoint T1 mount allowing use on a variety of platforms?

A usable Aimpoint T1 mount for the NSN ACOG?

Or a way to effectively turn the SCAR upper into the dimensions of the SCAR-SSR without affecting the ability to swap barrels at all?  And at the same time get rid of the pesky SCAR front sight....

Hmm...too bad I am going out of town and am trying to get packed.  You will all have to wait til Monday to see them.