Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Danger Close weapons accessories

What if I told you I had an aluminum offset Surefire mount that was $10 more than a VTAC but just as low profile?

What if I told you I had a MRDS mount that protects the sight from impacts, is compatible with Trijicon, Docter, Insight, JP, and Burris MRDS sights...all on the same mount.  It sits low but has a mounting plate for co-witness on an AR if desired?

What aboout a 45-degree offset 1913 rail that will allow a T1 to clear a 50MM on long guns?

A super lightweight 1913 riser for the stock Aimpoint T1 mount allowing use on a variety of platforms?

A usable Aimpoint T1 mount for the NSN ACOG?

Or a way to effectively turn the SCAR upper into the dimensions of the SCAR-SSR without affecting the ability to swap barrels at all?  And at the same time get rid of the pesky SCAR front sight....

Hmm...too bad I am going out of town and am trying to get packed.  You will all have to wait til Monday to see them.


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  2. Really looking forward to seeing the developments. The light mount looks slick and would serve well with the integrated sling idea.

  3. Sounds pretty sweet. BTW, I mentioned all of your plans to a couple FNH guys at their party the night before SHOT a couple weeks ago. It was a total accident and they flew home early so they could initiate the production of ALL of the things you and I talked about. I don't feel too bad because they're gonna hook me up with a sticker. Sorry for the compromise.

    Just kidding. All of that sounds sweet man, I'm looking forward to seeing this stuff.

  4. I don't want any of that crap, unless you're going to offer it all with ARMS throw levers.