Monday, February 8, 2010

USTC Larry Vickers/Ken Hackathorn 3-Day Pistol/Carbine

Just back from USTC:  I have not been there since 2005 and boy, has it changed.  Disney World for guys like me comes to mind.  World-class facilities does not even begin to describe it.

Day 1 was cold, and storming in the afternoon.  Fortunately my relay did carbine in the morning so at least we didn't have to lay down in the rain.  Ken's back was giving him fits but he was hard as nails, never even letting on that it was raining.  Larry showed us some great carbine shooting techniques for low-light that were shockingly effective.  I learned something new...

Day 2 was close-range shooting, with snow all day.  On the coast it turned to corn-frost very quickly and every staitonary object on the OBX had sideways icicles from the winds.  COLD. 

Day 3 was sunny and around 40 degrees...a welcome change.  We shot carbine drills combined and one relay with Larry and Ken and then went back to the classroom for a history lesson on the M4 and choosing a combat handgun.

I shot an HK416 that was boringly reliable and accurate.  Geissele trigger, LMT stock, KAC sights, and a Surefire Scout so I was pretty much guaranteed a problem free run with my rifle, shooting 75GR TAP.

My short gun was a Gen 4 Glock 22 out for it's first paces.  Again, boringly reliable with a light, accurate, and shoots softer than the Gen 3 guns due to the recoil spring.  I use a (-) trigger with a polish job and Dawson PI sights.


  1. Nice, sounds pretty awesome.

    I woke up all pumped up about wearing my new t-shirt today. Rolled in to work and realized it's a DONSA.

  2. Outfreakin'standing! That's a lot of knowledge you were able to tap into.

    416 and shooting TAP? You're making entirely too much money. ;)