Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beware: ADCO

My partner recently sent and upper to ADCO for some work.  Unfortunately, the low level of workmanship and totally unbelievable handling of his concerns when he contacted them about it has led me to believe they no longer offer the quality they were previously reputed for.

He sent a simple Colt M4 upper to them, the task was to put a DD 12.0 FSP rail and perm attach a BCM extended A2 flash hider.  Where he messed up was not sending it to me since I have the tooling to do that in my garage...lesson learned.

ADCO had the upper an inordinate amount of time...but that's the norm for gun work these days.  When it finally returned, the front sight block was canted 20 degrees.  Well, lets see.  Send it back to them for another unspecified amount of time or send it to a reputable gunsmith (JoJos in CT) and pay up for known perfection.  When they disassembled the upper to rectify the issues, it was found out that the following issues occured:

1.  The flash hider was fixed with a pin...THAT WENT ALL THE WAY INTO THE GROOVES OF THE BARREL.  Yeah, a pin into the barrel.  That's safe.

2.  The barrel nut had been tightened down with so much torque it cracked the receiver.  A really expensive Colt M4 receiver.

3.  The barrel was marred as though it was held in a bare vise

4.  The front sight block, as described above.

ADCO, of course, blamed JoJo's, who called the issues to the attention of Duke.

You tell me, can they work a machine or not?  I call bullshit.  ADCO is refusing to make it right even though he is out about $1,000 due to the inattention/inexperience of the employee who did the work.  This is doubly frustrating for me as in the past I have recommended ADCO to people and feel I have steered them wrong.  No longer, I wouldn't let them put a cotter pin in my bolt carrier anymore.

Shame on you, ADCO.  Shame on you.  Looks like you have been taking business lessons from LWRC.

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  1. That's a shame. I sent a couple of 14.5" LMT uppers to them (ADCO) a couple of years ago and they did a fantastic job of perm. attaching Phantom FHs. Quick turnaround and good quality work. I was planning on using them again soon, but I'll check out JoJo's now. Thanks for the heads-up.