Sunday, August 15, 2010

620V/Millenium Adaptor

Finally some breathing room in my schedule and a new product ready to release into the wild.  We have gotten a great number of requests for a bracket to offset the Millennium series lights.  I personally would prefer a smaller, more efficient light such as the Scout but I know there are a ton of them in service with the military and civilian shooters.  With the release of the 620V light (Scout with dual-output head) I had to get something going because Surefire decided to change the mounting footprint to use their huge (and crap) throw-lever mount.

I first tried to extend the standard Scout Mount out to accommodate the Millennium footprint.  Worked like a champ, except you get head clearance issues with rails, sights, etc.  A much simpler solution was to make a bracket to bolt directly to the Scout Mount, and bolt on the Millennium/620V light.  Easy day, and you can retrofit a Scout no problem.

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  1. Please tell me where can I buy one of these!