Sunday, March 14, 2010

S&S Precision...neat stuff

S&S Precision is a shop in VA run by some dudes who know what is up.  You might not have heard of them, but they make some innovative stuff.

I have been using their HK416 specific light mount for a little while and it is pretty nice.  It is a plate that attaches to the vent holes in the space between the rails, which your light is bolted to.  It is very low profile and well made.  What does this offer over bolting it right to the rail?  Well, you can change batteries a lot easier and it can be mounted on the top side of the rail where the Scout only bolts into the lower spaces without the mount.  Look for a more detailed review soon.

I also think their weapons catch is innovative and has a ton of potential applications.  It isn't cheap, but for it's size and diversity it is pretty fairly priced.  I look forward to running one in the future.  There's no reason not to with it's size.

Yes, they're the competition in some ways but when you've got a winner you've got a winner.  They cater to a specific market which is why you likely have not seen or heard of their stuff but you can't keep good stuff a secret forever.  Check out the link below.

S&S Precision Catalog


  1. It took quite a while to find anything about them. If they decide to market their stuff at all, they're probably going to become quite well known in the important circles.

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